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What's New in SmartSync Pro 5.1
Backup and synchronize files to WebDAV servers.

Now you can backup to WebDAV servers with easy.

WebDAV Backup
Now available in two editions 32 bit and 64 bit.

No more memory limits! New version uses less memory and could handle almost unlimited number of files. Native support for 64 bit Windows.

SmartSync Pro 64 bit
Versioned backup

New feature allows to backup to timestamped folders. SmartSync Pro will keep specified number of versions.

Versioned Backups
Real-time synchronization

Back up and synchronize changed files only. Detects file renames and synchronizes without copy/delete.

Real-time backup
Bandwidth schedule

Now you can limit bandwidth throttling by schedule to improve network usage.

Bandwidth Schedule
Limit for total profile execution time

Allows you to limit the amount of time a profile is allowed to run.

Write notifications to Windows Event Log

Now you can write notifications to Window Event Log.

Upgrading is Easy

1. Download new version

Download new version and install it. You can import all profiles and settings during upgrade.

2. Upgrade license key

Upgrade your license key. Discounted upgrade pricing is available to owners of any earlier version of SmartSync Pro. License keys for SmartSync Pro 4.xx are not applicable for version 5.0. If you have purchased SmartSync Pro 4.xx after November 01, 2013 then you can request a license key for SmartSync Pro 5.xx for free. If SmartSync Pro was bundled with your storage device then you have to upgrade your license key.

3. Activate your copy

Please, look at the flash demo on how to register.